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Christine Mark-Griffin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified EMDR Therapist, and Approved EMDR Consultant With EMDRIA​. She offers training and workshops for therapists and clinicians to help them better support their clients. Browse her offerings below. Questions? Send us a message!
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EMDR Consultations

Are you an EMDR Therapist looking to deepen your skills and knowledge in EMDR Therapy?

Christine Mark-Griffin, LCSW is an approved EMDRIA Consultant & EMDRIA Credit Provider. She specializes in EMDR with children and offers EMDR consultation and training.

Register for drop-in EMDR Consultation Groups or request to become an EMDR Consultee.

Individual EMDR Consultation

Teen/Adult EMDR Group Consultation

Child-Focused EMDR Group Consultation

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Trainings & Workshops

Trauma-Conscious Care

Is your organization shifting to take a more trauma-conscious approaches with clients and customers? This training is for professional organizations seeking to enhance their workforce’s practices for trauma-conscious services & care. Trauma-conscious training can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization. To learn more information or schedule a training click on the link below!

Advanced EMDR Trainings

Are you an EMDR Therapist looking for more ideas, tools & strategies to work with children? Spark All Wellness offers advanced EMDR Training for child focused EMDR clinicians looking to sharpen their skills. Take a look at the training schedule to register for upcoming training!

Self-Care Series

Is your organization noticing high levels of stress and burnout among your staff and team members? This training aims to help organizations cultivate a healing collective to restore work place morale and motivation. The training series helps professionals to strengthen and deepen self-care practices in the following areas:

  • Physical Self-Care
  • Emotional Self-Care
  • Psychological Self-Care
  • Spiritual Self-Care
  • Social Self-Care
  • Financial Self-Care
  • Environmental Self-Care
  • Professional Self-Care

Trauma Yoga Workshop

Coming soon!

Advanced EMDR Trainings

When EMDR Is Better Together: Trauma-Informed Strategies For Kids & Their Grown Ups

When EMDR Is Better Together

Virtual EMDR With Kids: Telehealth Strategies for EMDR With Kids

Virtual EMDR With Kids

Preparing For EMDR With Kids: Creative EMDR Treatment Planning With Kids

Preparing Kids For EMDR


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